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The Bewitched Trunk

The Bewitched Trunk

Transport your customers to the world of fantastic tales. The terrible witch has placed a curse on the village. Follow in the footsteps of Hake the enchanter and go deep into the forest to find the antidote!



The story


Legend has it that a terrible witch lives hidden deep in the dark forest that surrounds your little village. As she needs to have a little fun, she cast a spell that affects all the inhabitants: for the past few days , everyone gets seriously ill. 


Merlu the enchanter, protector of the village, went to confront the witch to bring back the antidote. Unfortunately he never returned, leaving you a simple grimoire... 


The only solution to escape the curse is to plunge into the deep forest. But beware if you come across the witch there...



The game


  • By teams of 2 to 6 players
  • Duration approximately 45min to 1 hour
  • All audiences, accessible from 7 years old (with an adult)
  • A surprising and memorable finale for the players!
  • Independent game thanks to clue books (rental) or with facilitator (entertainment service)
  • Play anywhere, indoors or outdoors, preferably on a table or coffee table


Our Escape Box KIDS is the ideal game range for playing with the family and getting familiar with the Escape Game.

Use the game for dry rental, but also for events (trade shows, festivals, fairs, Christmas markets, etc.): thanks to its adaptable duration and its short set-up time, it allows you to achieve a high capacity, and even more with several copies!





  • Authentic wooden trunk made and decorated by hand
  • Dimensions: 25L X 42W X 34Hcm
  • Weight: about 7kg
  • Resetting the game: approximately 3 minutes
  • No electronics (= no breakdown!)
  • Delivered with game rules and paper and pdf clue book, maintenance kit with spare parts and operating guide. All elements are also available and updated online in your dedicated space.


    Excluding Sales Tax |

    -10% dès le 3ème article (achat ou location)

    Délai de fabrication et livraison indicatif: environ 3 semaines
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