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The Sunken Treasure

The Sunken Treasure

Offer your vacationers a unique experience: An Escape Game in the water!



The story


You have successfully sunk the ship of the legendary Captain Jack the One-Eyed! The ship's crew and debris now lie on the surface and bottom of the ocean. You have managed to seize a chest which would contain his legendary treasure.

Problem: Cannot open it! You will have to return to the wreckage of the ship to try to find clues and solve the Captain's traps.

You have to act quickly: seize the treasure before the storm hits and takes with it all the Captain's secrets to the depths of the oceans.



The game


  • By teams of 2 to 8 players
  • Duration approximately 25 minutes
  • All audiences, accessible from 8 years old
  • Mandatory game master
  • Adaptable to all pool sizes
  • Installation/replacement time: 5 min
  • Universal language (without text)


A unique concept in France to put at the heart of your aquatic center. Ideal for internalizing an event and above all surprising your visitors.





  • Authentic wooden trunk made and decorated by hand
  • Dimensions: 36LX46WX36H cm
  • Weight: about 10kg
  • Resetting the game: 5 minutes
  • No electronics (= no breakdown!)
  • A final hatch to hide the treasure of your choice
  • Delivered with game rules and paper and pdf clue book, maintenance kit with spare parts and operating guide. 


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