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Surprising concepts

different ranges of mobility, capacity and immersion for all audiences

One goal:
rediscover the pleasures and mechanics of the Escape Game
in compact and transportable formats.

Since 2019, our games have been designed and handcrafted in France in our workshop in Puy-de-Dôme. We do not have stock and we work to order. We place a lot of importance on the story, the aesthetics of the hardware, and of course the gameplay. Each game is tested and retuned until it achieves a player-approved experience!  

  • Models designed to integrate a story, punctuate the adventure and surprise players;

  • Varied themes with multiple customization possibilities

  • Several levels of difficulty to be accessible from 8 years old

  • Authentic, low-tech experiences: no need for a phone to play!

  • Operating flexibility: translation into several languages, with or without a facilitator, ... 

  • We also imagine your tailor-made experience!

Escape box

Authentic looking chests! Unravel their mysteries: unexpected openings, secret trapdoors, magic drawers. Up to 2 hours of play!

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Escape box kids

The best of our Escape Boxes in unusual formats particularly suitable for playing with family from 8 years old or discovering the Escape Game.

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escape case

Our cases take you through a real investigation:  explore the premises, question suspects and witnesses and inspect the evidence! Play with up to several hundred participants: we even give you the framework to dramatize the experience.

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Escape pool

Your swimming pool becomes the scene of a unique adventure that takes place on, in and under the water! The 1st aquatic escape game on the market!

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Escape road

An impactful concept where even the exterior tells a story! A real escape game room on wheels with its decor to go everywhere!

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escape FOOD'N drink

Mix the pleasures of the escape game with that of catering! An original experience during which players make their own cocktail or cake!

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Surprise your customers: they don't know it yet, but the table they have chosen conceals many mysteries... A new way to event your point of sale!

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escape table

Why trust our teams?

imagined by entertainment professionals

escapeboxdesigner.comBrings together entertainment and leisure professionals driven by the same passion: telling stories and bringing experiences to life. Beyond the Escape Game, our creativity is stimulated by the challenge of involving our audience in ever more surprising ways.


Built by and for operators designs and manufactures all games in-house. We are also operators of "La Roulotte à énigmes", the 1st Escape Game Mobile franchise network in France. This expertise also allows us to support you on the operational and commercial aspects.

Explore our pricing plans

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