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Escape Game at your accommodation: amaze your customers during their vacation!

Whether you own a campsite, a holiday village, or manage a hotel, offering unique and entertaining experiences to your customers is essential to making their stay memorable and retaining them. This is where our ESCAPE BOX concepts come into play: trendy and innovative animation for players, flexible and versatile for operators!

Versatility and autonomy

One of the main advantages of our ESCAPE BOXES is their versatility. Originally designed to be played independently, they offer customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating adventure without requiring the intervention of a facilitator. This allows complete flexibility for a seasonal location, where hiring additional staff can be a challenge. For example, you can imagine a rental option with a game to take to its location, or offer the activity on the terrace of your snack bar.

In addition, our game ranges adapt to the age of your audience and are multilingual.

Animation for Special Events

Imagine teams competing to solve puzzles, unlock chests and be the first to win a mysterious treasure. This is the experience that our ESCAPE BOXES bring to your establishment!

When accompanied by an entertainer, our ESCAPE BOXES become the focal point of special events. Whether for theme evenings, event evenings or team building, our games offer an original attraction that engages participants, encourages meetings at the start of their stay and creates unforgettable memories.


Our ESCAPE BOXES are not only for sale, but can also be rented, providing an economical and flexible solution for tourism businesses. This option allows you to regularly offer new experiences to your loyal customers year after year.


By integrating our turnkey ESCAPE BOXES into your entertainment offering, many possibilities are available to you to transform your establishment into an adventure playground. Offer your customers unique experiences, while benefiting from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness offered by our solutions. Discover our different offers and ranges of games in our catalog, and do not hesitate to subscribe to our blog to be inspired by the multiple possibilities of use offered by our products. Any questions? A specific need? We remain at your disposal!

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