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Escape Box personnalisé, malle escape game sur le thème de la Bretagne

Cultural, historical places, exhibitions

Are you always looking for new ideas to enhance your site and involve your audience? Transform a simple visit into an experience with our range of simple, accessible and customizable games for your site.


Affirm your identity with a unique experience

Offer a new experience to your visitors: make them actors in a game that will immerse them in the heartheart of the history of your site. and will give themWant to know more!

An authentic object that comes to life

Our Escape Boxes are designed to be opened! The care given to aesthetics is part of the experience of our games: by blending into your decor, your visitors will have no trouble immersing themselves in the adventure.

More than a game: a versatile tool!

With our easily transportable games, you can imagine new actions, even outside your site. Come on towards your future visitors and expand your audiences!

30' video exchange

Free and without commitment

Personalized or tailor-made?
an Escape Game in YOUR image

  • Offer your audience an experience that suits you, imagined by entertainment professionals

  • Use the game to showcase your brand, your story, your characters, your territory

  • Raise awareness among your audience through an impactful experience in which they are the actors

  • Integrate new elements to differentiate yourself