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Why investing in an Escape Box is a winning choice for leisure parks

Theme parks are constantly looking for innovative ways to enrich the experience of their visitors. In this drive for diversification, the escape box presents itself as an innovative solution, offering a multitude of advantages. Whether you are a treetop adventure park, an indoor or outdoor complex, this concept can be the key to attracting a wider audience or bringing back customers who have already come.


The Undeniable Advantages of the Escape Box:

No need for floor space : One of the major assets of the escape box is its adaptability. Unlike other activities requiring significant space, the Escape Box can be installed and moved anywhere, indoors or outdoors. All you need is a table to play. And why not in the middle of the forest to make the adventure even more exciting?

No operator needed: L&apos ;Escape Box can be played completely independently thanks to the clues (book or online) provided with the game. The only intervention by the operator consists of resetting the game between two games, which takes a maximum of 5 minutes.< /p>

For all generations: As the Escape Box is an intergenerational concept, it is an ideal choice for parks wanting to attract a wide range of visitors, from families to groups of friends. Everyone can play together.For small and large groups: Opt for several Escape Boxes and have small and large groups play simultaneously. Ideal for large events or team building activities.


A Rapid Return on Investment:

The financial aspect is often at the heart of investment decisions. With the Escape Box, the return on investment is quick and significant. On average, between 20 and 40 games are enough to make the initial investment profitable. This exceptional profitability can be explained by competitive recommended prices and the growing popularity of this type of activity.

Attractive recommended rates: Our expertise as an operator (since 2019) has demonstrated that rates between 10 and 20 euros (depending on the game range) per participant are not only competitive, but also attractive for visitors compared to an Escape Game room. By setting affordable prices, amusement parks can maximize their customer base and increase the number of games played daily.

Use all year round: Make your Escape Boxes a separate activity whole that frees itself from seasonality! The game can take place indoors or outdoors: ideal for the winter season when offering CSE activities or home rentals becomes possible!

Renewal of the scenario: Is the demand growing? Easily propose new Escape Box scenarios while controlling your budget. Unlike a classic escape game room, you don't have to reinvest in expensive new decor! offers in particular rental formulas which allow you to regularly renew the game themes. This way you build customer loyalty. New boxes are regularly added to our catalog.

Our little extra: we offer a customization service that allows you to adapt the game to your colors or brand. And for a truly unique experience, we can even design your entirely tailor-made box!


In conclusion, the Escape Box is positioned as a new essential opportunity for leisure parks looking for diversification. By investing in this versatile concept, parks can offer a unique experience, appeal to a wide audience and achieve a rapid return on investment.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your park into an unmissable destination, combining adventure, puzzles and fun for all generations.

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