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The Captain's Trunk

The Captain's Trunk

Transport your customers into the world of pirates to face the traps of Captain One-Eyed Jack!



The story


A legend says that there exists in this world an emerald with unequaled powers which grants whoever possesses it the gift of immortality. Now, an immortal pirate is a rich pirate for eternity! 


One-eyed Jack understood this well, and after traveling the oceans in search of it for decades, he finally managed to get hold of it. It is said that, to protect it, he hides it in a mysterious trunk that cannot be opened: the unfortunate people who tried it all had their heads cut off. 


Will you succeed in unlocking its secrets to steal the emerald? It would be better for you, because One-Eyed Jack is already after you to get it back... and cut off your head 



The game


  • By teams of 2 to 6 players
  • Duration approximately 1.5 to 2 hours
  • All audiences, accessible from 10 years old
  • Independently thanks to clue books (rental) or with animator (entertainment service)
  • “Competition” mode to play with several identical trunks
  • Play anywhere, indoors or outdoors, preferably on a table or coffee table


An ideal concept to rent to your customers for independent play, but also for your themed events, businesses and team building.





  • Authentic wooden trunk made and decorated by hand
  • Dimensions: 36LX46WX36H cm
  • Weight: about 15kg
  • Resetting the game: between 5 and 10 minutes
  • No electronics (= no breakdown!)
  • A final hatch to hide the treasure of your choice
  • Delivered with game rules and paper and pdf clue book, maintenance kit with spare parts and operating guide. All elements are also available and updated online in your dedicated space.


    Excluding Sales Tax |

    -10% dès le 3ème article (achat ou location)

    Délai de fabrication et livraison indicatif: environ 4 semaines
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